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How to apply

Itís quite easy to apply the skin to your computer or iPod and it doesnít require any additional skills or means. You will find the instructions on application along with the skin:
  • Without removing the liner of the skin-sticker, position it over the surface of your computer and make sure that the skin matches the dimensions of your computer *
  • Clean the surface with damp cloth or special tissue meant for computers, let the surface dry off
  • Lightly remove the liner from one of the corners of the skin and apply it carefully to the edge of the computer or iPod
  • Gradually remove the whole liner of the skin-sticker and carefully apply the skin to your computer
  • If air bubbles or creases appear, smooth them out with the help of slight movements with your fingers
  • If you fail to apply the skin-sticker right the first time, you can straight off remove the skin gradually and apply it repeatedly
  • Skin-sticker is not meant for multiple applications and removal, however, if carefully removed and kept, the skin can be reapplied
  • Skin-sticker is being removed by carefully taking it off the surface. After removal, the skin-sticker leaves no residue or do not spoil the surface of your computer in any other way. It is advisable to clean the surface with a damp cloth or a special tissue for computers.

*In case your laptop is of nonstandard dimensions and you have ordered an outsized skin-sticker, measure the surface of your computer with a ruler, mark with the pencil and cut out unnecessary part. If there are many irregularities of the surface you might need to use a hairdryer. After application of the film to an uneven surface it should be heated and pressed, for the film to adhere/adjust to the form.

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