How to Create a Custom iPhone Case

How to Create a Custom iPhone Case

Can’t find the perfect iPhone case for your beloved smartphone… then it is time to create your own! It is super fun and easy to make your own custom iPhone case. Plus, you only need a few supplies to complete the task. Not only is creating your own custom iPhone case inexpensive, it is a way to ensure you have a one of a kind case - totally unique to you! Follow the simple steps below to create your very own custom iPhone casing.

Needed Supplies:

- One Clear Plastic iPhone Case

- Spray Adhesive and/or Rubber Cement (any clear drying glue adhesive will do)

- Various decorative supplies including but not limited to; fabric swatches, markers, glitter pens, 25 lb laser printer paper, a laser printer

Step #1 Design

Prior to making any purchases you will want to conceptualize the design of your case. The final look of your case should be clear and drawn out completely before you purchase your clear plastic case. You can find extremely cheap (under $2) clear plastic iPhone cases on Amazon. If you are in need of some guidance, make sure to google and print a template the size of your iPhone’s model to utilize as a guideline.

Step #2 Begin

Now you will begin to create your custom casing. Feel free to wing it or make use of a desktop publishing software. Utilize texts, shapes, color, or even textures… this is your one of a kind smartphone case, go wild! However, it is best to begin by tracing your iPhone outline on a piece of paper with a pencil. Once this is complete you will want to cut your materials to match this makeshift template. Do not go over the edge of your template unless this excess can be cut off and still make sense with the overall design concept. Add cutouts, glitter, or any other flair your heart desires to your custom casing!

Step #3 Cut

Grab a cutting mat and an exacto knife or sharp crafting scissors and get ready to carefully cut out your complete design utilizing the pencil guideline you originally created. If you feel unsure when cutting, start with a larger outline and then trim down to your exact guidelines later. Do not forget that you will need to cut out holes for your camera eyelet, charger connection, and volume buttons. Utilize your template to create these holes easily by placing it over your current design and tracing the inside of the cutouts lightly. Tread with caution when considering decorating the front of your iPhone as the traditional retina display is meant to work best with a solid black or white surrounding background. Altering the front of your iPhone may affect how you view the colors on your screen.

Step #4 Adhere

Adhere your final design to the clear plastic casing with either rubber cement or spray adhesive. A pro tip is to apply the adhesive coating lightly and evenly to the front side of your custom design and then press it firmly onto the inner area of your clear casing. Press from the center of your design towards the edges to rid of any unwanted bubbling or air pockets. It is best to complete this process in a well ventilated room as these materials can be quite toxic and harmful if overly inhaled.

Step #5 Dry

Let your case completely dry for at least twenty four to forty eight hours. Once dried entirely, it will be safe to affix your customised case to your iPhone and show it off to the world!