11 Apps To Customize Your iPhone

Pimp Your Screen

#11 Pimp Your Screen
Pimp Your Screen costs a mere US $0.99 and is considered one of the best applications to give you hundreds of new styles of iPhone wallpaper. The best part of Pimp Your Screen is that it offers customizable on screen elements like icon skins, backgrounds, borders, and even shelves. Pimp Your Screen gives you the tools to do exactly what the name promises.

#10 Call Screen Maker
While Call Screen Maker works much like Pimp Your Screen, it differs as it allows users to create personalized images that will pop up when select people give you a call, aka call screens. Call Screen Maker will run you US $0.99 and allows you access to hundreds of pre-made patterns and images for your iPhone callers. In short, Call Screen Maker lets you change the picture background that appears under the calling bar as well as the decline/answer buttons.

#9 iCandy Shelves & Skins
The US $0.99 iCandy Shelves & Skins app gives you access to thousands of icon skins, images, and shelves that you can utilize as iPhone wallpaper. The only problem with this is that it takes hours to scroll through all of your options! Talk about a time hog. However, the upside to the iCandy Shelves & Skins application is that it offers you the option to add text as well as clip art to your background wallpapers. Thus, if you have something to say, iCandy Shelves & Skins will let you say it.

#8 Pimp My Keyboard
One key element to remember is that Apple does not allow developers to replace or alter the system wide stock keyboard that traditionally comes on every iPhone. Thus, all keyboard applications work as stand alone programs that allow you to write in text and then export it to other applications. However, as you go to transfer the text from one place to another you do not always retain the colors and styles that are first created within the original application. Tread lightly in the world of keyboard applications. (This issue tends to happen a lot.)

Pimp My Keyboard

#7 Pimp Keyboard ++
Pimp Keyboard ++ works like most other keyboard applications but host a couple of extra features like passcode protection, file saving, and a gesture based input system. Perhaps the best element of the Pimp Keyboard ++ application is the gesture based input system that is designed to help you type quickly and simply. Unfortunately, the Pimp Keyboard ++ systems responsive time is pretty slow and inaccurate i.e. you must have patience to utilize this application.

#6 Color Keyboard
Color Keyboard has been placed on this list to warn you to stay far, far away from the application. It is extremely misleading in all it claims to do and crashes everytime you try to complete any action. Just keep scrolling past the Color Keyboard application when it pops up in the iTunes store.

#5 Display Block
Display Block is another application that is only on this list to be simply warned against. The main reason why you should stay away from the Display Block application is because it does not do one thing stated in the App Store description. In the app store it appears to be an application that customizes the iPhone’s lock screen as well as its security level, promising to make the system more complex than the original iOS passcode security. However, all the application hosts is a collection of stock images that are not customizable nor functional. Plus, there is no system to help enhance your passcode security. Until this application goes through major updates, it is best to pass up.

#4 Add Emojis
There may be hundreds of emoji applications presently available within the App Store, however none of them are nessicary. You can spice up your emoji communications right now as the iOS system comes with a pre built in emoji keyboard. It is not automatically turned on, you have to do it yourself, but once you activate it - you will never turn it off. Look for it within your iPhone settings under keyboards.

Notification Center Widgets

#3 Ringtone Apps
Audio is another great way to personalize your iPhone. Ringtone apps allow you to change the tune (ringer) that plays for each different caller that you assign within your address book. The best part is that several applications will allow you to take songs from your iPhone’s current music library and convert them into thirty second ringtone clips. Beware as some ringtone applications are free, while others are pretty pricey.

#2 iOS 8 Keyboard Apps
After the iOS 8 update, keyboard applications have been deemed usable by Apple within the built in iOS keyboard system. These newer keyboards provide you with all sorts of new add-ons like GIFs or animated characters. Personalize your phone and get faster texting with the new iOS 8 Keyboard apps.

#1 Notification Center Widgets
Widgets are a brand new feature that have been added to the iPhones pulldown Notification center after the iOS 8 update. Widgets give you access to small bits of information like wifi connectivity, screen monitoring and music. You do not even have to open up some of these apps completely to take action within them, that is the beauty of widgets. The Notification Center even allows you to personalize which apps can be placed in to become widgets.