The Top 10 iPhone Case Styles

The Top 10 iPhone Case Styles

#10 Shell Cases
Shell cases are an extremely popular style of iPhone protection. The shell casing is made from thin metal or plastic that wraps completely around the back and side of the iPhone leaving only the screen open and accessible. This style of iPhone case is preferred by many users because it is not bulky or heavy. While this case may be trendy, it only protects the smartphone from scratches and unfortunately leaves the screen open to crack if dropped.

#9 Skins
Skins are very thin but highly flexible iPhone covers made from either silicone or rubber materials. This type of iPhone cover wraps around the entire smartphone body and adds protection as well as grip without adding bulk. Thus, not only does the Skins style aid you in avoiding scratches but helps you to not drop your phone either. However, in order to protect your screen it is best if a separate iPhone screen protector is purchased.

#8 Rugged Cases
Rugged Cases are perfect for those who live an exceptionally active lifestyle or are just plain clumsy. This type of smartphone casing features a full wrap around airtight enclosure that protects against all mishaps and weather conditions. The Rugged Cases, Life Proof Case, is one of their most popular styles as it waterproof, shockproof, and dustproof.

#7 Wallet Cases
Smartphone wallet cases are awesome because they offer you two utilities in one. Wallet cases are typically equipped with two compartments to allow you to carry your phone along with everything you would usually carry in your everyday wallet (i.e. ID, credit cards, and money). The form of the wallet case depends on the manufacturer, some wallet cases can vary to the size of a small purse while others are very sleek and small like a mens wallet.

#6 Sport Cases
Sport cases are perfect for the gym buff or everyday athlete! These cases allow one to utilize their smartphone as a music player without drenching it in sweat during a workout or exercise drill. Most sport cases feature utilities like card pouches, key holders, adjustable bands, water resistance, and washable materials in order to keep your smartphone hands free and sweatproof during workouts.

#5 Battery Cases
Does your iPhone battery drain quickly? Well, the solution to your everyday ailment is by utilizing a battery case. Although these cases are typically bulkier, battery cases will keep your phone charged for the long run. The Lenmar Meridian battery case is preferred for its high capacity charge. It holds enough power to bring a dead iPhone to 100% battery life. Not to mention, the case is one of the lightest and slimmest units on today’s market.

#4 Leather Cases
Premium leather iPhone cases allow you to protect your phone in style. Leather cases are particularly popular among businessmen and women who want to protect their phone while smartly matching any outfit or briefcase. ADOPTED hosts a great line of genuine leather phone cases but there are several other brands that host leather cases in different styles, colors, and designs.

#3 Designer Cases
Designer Cases are a great way to liven up your wardrobe and smartphone protection. High fashion designers such as Michael Kors, Kate Spade, and Tory Burch have all come out with their own line of stylish phone cases for men and women. No one ever said you have to sacrifice style for iphone protection.

#2 Bumper
Bumper phone cases are a minimalistic way to protect your iphone. Bumper cases allow you to fully access all smartphone controls as well as the screen while providing adequate protection. Apple was the first to create these sleek iPhone protectors but several other manufacturers have since come out with their own designs like AL13, who makes aerospace grade aluminum bumper cases.

#1 Pouches
Pouches are the most basic way to protect your iphone. A pouch case is comprised of an envelope style opening where the user is able to place his or her iPhone when it is not in use. The only drawback about this type of iPhone protection is that the user has to take out the smartphone from its protective case everytime they would like to utilize it. This type of case is not recommended for the clumsy.