Places to Find the Perfect Custom iPhone Case

Places to Find the Perfect Custom iPhone Case

#1 Choice: Zazzle

Zazzle is an amazing online retailer for creating custom printed products like iPhone cases, decals, hats, laptop bags, and t-shirts. While Zazzle outsources almost all of the products in its store, you can rest assured that they are of quality coming from brands like Incipio and Case-Mate. Zazzle solely creates the customized print on each premade product. Zazzle is our number one choice for creating a custom iPhone casing for many reasons as it is user friendly, hosts a large selection of printable cases, and creates prints with excellent quality. There are over 15 case options and styles that you may choose from to be exact.

The building tool that Zazzle incorporates within its system is extremely straightforward but alternatively causing it to be extremely simple as well. Zazzle does not utilize templates therefore you will have to utilize an external program like Adobe Photoshop to create fancier designs. However, if you are solely looking to add some images, a photo, or text to a customized case than Zazzle will work well for you. While Zazzle does not host any templates, it does give you creative freedom to flip, turn, crop, and add as many extra bits of ‘Zazzle’ to your custom design as your heart desires.

#2 Runner Up: Casetify

Casetify’s specialty is in creating customized smartphone and tablet cases in their famous translucent aka shine through design. Casetify differs from Zazzle as it makes all of its cases including their popular translucent polycarbonate classic snap shell. On Casetify you are able to utilize an image, photo, or design to create a customized iPhone casing. There are three options available on the Casetify site - $40 sheer polycarbonate shell, $ 45 maple wood case, and $50 sheer polycarbonate back plated bumper case with luxe metal accessories.

If you have no idea how to design a customized case than Casetify’s building tool will work well for you as it is built to cater towards newbies. Casetify hosts numerous templates and layouts to select a pre made design from to add onto. Thus, with no design background at all you will still be able to create a stylish shine through case where your iPhone’s coloring can still ‘shine through’ the customized design. Perhaps one of the best parts of Casetify’s building tool is that you are able to connect to all social media platforms to collect photos from. This makes it super convenient to import a group of photos at one time to incorporate within your chosen template or layout. Casetify is full of filters, fonts, numbers, prints, and emojis allowing you to edit and design your customized case to truly reflect your one of a kind personality.

#3 Target

Consider checking out Target when looking for a stylish but affordable iPhone case. The store features a great selection of Phone case styles that are not only functional but also chic. Just enter the type of case you prefer into the search box and start browsing through a variety of Phone cases available! Once you have found the item you like most make sure you use Target coupons to save on your purchase. It should be noted that Target accepts coupons for not only regular priced products but for sale items as well. To score the best Target deals possible we recommend shopping the after-holiday sales. Plus, you can obtain a maximum discount on your purchase with Target Family and Friends promotions. Many customers prefer shopping online so they could take advantage of Target Daily Deals (several heavily discounted items) listed each day. Daily Deals are available for one day only and qualify for free shipping.

#4 Other Options: Nuvango

Nuvango otherwise known as GelaSkins is an artist based marketplace that specializes in protective smartphone casing and scratch proof skins. Unfortunately, Nuvango only offers one customized case - $35 polycarbonate shell design - made by Nuvangothemself. Keep in mind that this case is very slim as it hosts only three sides of protect with several cutouts.

The building tool Nuvango utilizes is simple but almost too simple as you are only allowed to place one photo on a case at a time. Additionally, this photo must be an image that you have all rights too and can prove that you do. This is to encourage you to utilize your own artwork when creating your customized case as Nuvango is an artist collective. Be sure to check their terms of service before ordering your design. However, once you have chosen an original design you will be able to rotate, resize, and alter the image as well as its background color. Nuvango is a great service for artists as its printing quality is impeccable!


SkinIt is a great site for customizing an iPhone at a very affordable price. Plus, its building tool is extremely user friendly and allows you to upload images/photos from all over the internet including any social media platform. On SkinIt you are abe to change background case colors, alter images, add filters, and special texts. SkinIt is an amazing site for non designers as it is simple and straightforward.

#6 Picture It On Canvas

Picture It On Canvas offers custom printing on several Case-Mate cases. However, Picture It On Canvas is pretty pricey considering Zazzle offers the exact same iPhone cases for half the price. PIOC will come in handy if you are a design and tech newbie that needs professional editing performed on their pictures.

PIOC hosts a building tool that is super simple as all it can perform is resizing. But, after your selected image is set in place, you can perform a multitude of finishing additives! Keep in mind that all of these finishing touches come at a rather steep price. It will cost you $30 dollars to ‘Beautify My Photo’ which allows you to whiten teeth, remove stray hairs, and alter sun glare. It will cost you $100 dollars to ‘Restore Damaged Photo’ which restores damaged photos by repairing scratches, discoloration, and/or water damage. PIOC will also charge you for smaller fixes like changing your photo to sepia or black & white as well as adding any text will run you $15 dollars each. PIOC can end up costing you more than you bargained for - so, only utilize this company if you need serious design aid or if you have photos that need professional restoring.

#7 Case-Mate

Case-Mate not only supplies cases to other companies, it also allows you to create custom designs straight from the source. We recommend the Case-Mate two piece Tough Case for $45 dollars. The building tool that Case-Mate utilizes is slightly buggy but offers a plethora of features. You will find numerous layouts and templates on Case-Mate that will allow you to upload images from all social media platforms. On Case-Mate you will also be able to rotate, resize, add text, and de-saturate your images/photos among several other features. Case-Mate is a great place to customize an iPhone case at an extremely affordable price.