Phone Skin vs Case: What’s the difference?

Phone Skin vs Case: What’s the difference - Phone Skin

How can you protect a mobile device, laptop or gaming system from wear and tear? Today there are options such as vinyl wraps, protective cases, artistic skins, slim cases and more. Definitely rubber and plastic and silicone check the cases with more protection than skins, but they cannot guarantee against damage, breakage or the failure of a device. Meanwhile protective skins provide an attractive and device covering option and they are definitely less costly.

Mobile phone cases and protection

Even if you sign a new service contract, cell phones are expensive with some of the flagship models that retail at $800 or more. If you put out that kind of money many phone owners want to make sure they embrace the case when it comes to protecting their new tech and a logical tool. These truly protective cases aren't cheap. You will add an additional $20-$40 for a shock absorbing protective case for your phone and you might need your device to be waterproof, weatherproof or childproof.

There are advantages to using a case for phone accidents still do occur. Phones can often get dropped and wet and they can get thrown around by little children. Some kind of protection is definitely advised but even the most expensive case on the market cannot fully guarantee against:

Cracks, Knicks or internal damage from a drop

A phone that looks dirty or worn after time

Overheating, which causes the phone to malfunction and drains the battery

Typically protective cases are bulky and clunky and they make them awkward to fit into one's purse or pocketbook. The trends though are leaning toward slimmer smaller mobile devices.

Many phone owners are opting to adorn their phone with a creative and protective cell phone skin. These funds scans offer protection against anything goes wrong with the phone but even more so against age and wear and tear. They do this without the bulk of the case and it offers the user personal way to express his or her own personality and artistic sensibilities.

Skins make more dollars and cents

Tech connoisseurs point out the fact that big phone and laptop manufacturers like Apple, Samsung and LG put a lot of money into design and materials other products and it's a blasphemy to cover them up with a protective case or skin. Therefore there is a Web underground movement toward not using any covers on a device. However, the pristine design of these devices doesn't stay pristine for long without some sort of protection. The skin is a good compromise. It maintains the shape and design of the device while protecting its surfaces from dings and scratches. When it comes time to sell the machine or you just want back its natural beauty, these vital scans can be easily removed and inexpensive to replace. Skins are similar to a case and that they provide protection, probably not to the same extent, but they fit directly on the phone and result in a slimmer feel and fit in the bulky case. Further, skins, variety of styles, which allow people to express their personality through their most frequently handled accessory. Skins are much more cost-effective starting at just seven dollars. There are colorful vinyl scans from MightySkins that I have a high resolution UV protective image and they come with free matching wallpaper download for the device. This creates a seamless and appealing visual effect.

Case and Point

Phone Skin vs Case: What’s the difference - Phone Case

So which do you choose a skin or a case? Prices in skins and cases can vary but the cases are for sure going to be more expensive. But if you have a high-priced mobile phone, the money can be well spent especially if the user is:

Accident-prone or loose fingered with a handheld device.

Not concerned with personal expression.

Frequently texting or talking near the water.

Preoccupied with avoiding any scratches or signs of aging.

Can often give their device to a child

Skins are perfect for users who:

Are not likely to drop their device

Want to be able to express their own style and interests with their phone, tablet or laptop

Would rather not splurge on a costly case

Many like the idea of being able to change the look of your device without having to spend a lot of money.

Neither choice is all or nothing. There are slimmer cases available in some fun designs and patterns just as the skins. This can allow for a sense of expression with an added protection. You can get these from MightySkins and you can get a skin and a case that match. Either way your phone can look personally like yours. MightySkins are available for Otterbox and Lifeproof cases so you can carry your style in any different way you carry your device.