How to Remove Laptop Skins

How to Remove Laptop Skins

Laptops vary in how long they last, on average a laptop last about three or five years according to a 2013 estimate from The Guardian. Processors get faster and software updates continue to come and go, so a few years gives you plenty of time to evolve. If you find yourself regretting the color of laptop skin that you put on your machine two years ago you will find that with a little careful peeling you can restore your laptop to its former glory.

Step one

Find the corner of the edge of the vinyl skin to start peeling it. Usually around the lip of the monitor or the edge of the keyboard can be a good starting place. Use your fingernail to gently pick up the seam between the skin and the service of the computer till you can grasp it between your thumb and pointer finger.

Step two

Grab the skin between your fingers and peel it back very slowly from the corner. Hold the laptop in place with your other hand as you peel. Rotate between peeling and lifting more the skin from the edge of your laptop till you've completely lifted the skin free from the edge.

Step three

Slowly peel the skin back from the edge and use your opposite hand to hold the laptop in place. You can encounter some resistance from a thick vinyl skin, but if you are slow and steady and avoid tearing you can remove it. Don't rush it and try to keep that laptop skin in one piece in case you choose to reuse it.

Step four

Remove the other sections of the skin, or anything with a smaller accent decal in the same way. You can start by peeling the edge and then transition into peeling back and away from the laptop.